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Photography and artistry have become a blended media to which one can truly add more imagination and beauty.

Hidden In Time
Neon Angel
about KAren

Karen began her career as a photographer over 30 years ago. With the emergence of digital media, Karen blended her photographic experience with her artistic talent in the new field of digital art and photography. She has trained under several key mentors including Don McGregor, Jane Conner-ziser, Tom Rouse and Richard Sturdevant among others to develop her unique style. Karen has dedicated herself to her new found passion integrating her artistic vision with photography for the past 10 years. Karen has been honored to be named to represent Canada in the World Photographic Cup several times in the past 5 years. 

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My passion is the blend of photography and art. 

Over the past 10 years I have honed my craft merging my years of photography experience with my desire to create imagery that tells a story.

Karen Ceraldi


Other Creations

These images have been crafted over the last few years and represent some of my latest work.

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Breaking the Bonds of Time small
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